The Story of in.originate by Jilly Henderson McDermott

The name in.originate evolved from the words inspire and originate. Be inspired. Be original.  Be you, wonderfully imperfect. Art is a passion; creativity is good for the soul. Art is my voice and I hope you will fearlessly pursue what yours is as well!  I spent the first half of my life studying ballet and love all genres of art . My education and background is in interior design and I spent many years working in the design field. I decided to create a new adventure for myself and opened this shop to share my art. 

I am an advocate of positive thought. I am an ardent collector of quotes.  I adore the power of words.  Thoughts are powerful use them for good. A meaning of a particular word  that resonates with one person can mean something completely different  to another.   I love words that inspire you, yet challenge you to discover who you are or want to become.  A single word or a brilliant quote is many times the inspiration for my paintings. I am enamored how one art form blends into another.  As life is heavily textured and layered in abstract emotions, my paintings reflect that same abstract in the many layers, textures and colours. 

A treasured friend challenged me to paint a painting of what I thought my life portrait would look like.  As I sat in her studio a few times and watched her painting come to life on the canvas. My painting was still 'beige' with brush strokes of a background colour. She asked me to close my eyes and see the painting. I said," I see a background from light to dark and a canvas filled with words.  That's my painting, my story".  She said, "Brilliant, paint it!" The next morning, I set up my easel and my journey began. The background ranged from light to dark. The dark tones were those character building days and lessons that were not easy to bear or learn. Those dark tones gave my painting depth. The light tones to me were where grace was bestowed, times of celebration and hopes for the future. I have a pink leather journal that I have been writing words and phases in for years. I took these words and phases in no particular order and began to draw them on the canvas. It became my Soul Graffiti life portrait. As my portrait came to life on that canvas so did the story of who I am.  Each word tells a different story to me. I love how each day when I walked into my kitchen where my Soul Graffiti painting hangs, a different word, date or thought will catch my eye. Some words are words of thanksgiving, some are words of celebration, some of self discovery, and some are difficult hard lessons learned as well as reminders of what to strive for (yes, there are a few 'really's!).

One of my favourite quotes of advice from my Momma and Dad is, 'we are not guaranteed an easy path, but we are guaranteed a blessed path'.   Your attitude can make a difference on how you get through it. A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort (not sure the author of this quote is, but I love it!). Be a change agent.  Spread kindness. Be the one who finds the "gold" in someone... a kindness warrior. Creativity and Kindness are my favourite superpowers!

Welcome to in.originate by Jilly Henderson McDermott.  I would love to hear from you, click on 'contact' and send me a note or email me at It's time for me to get back to my easel to paint, work on some Word Story wearables and be a "curator" to three beautiful souls!

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LOVE your day!